What Are the Benefits of Manuka Honey 15+

Manuka Honey comes in a variety of measurable ratings from 5 all the way up to 20+. The most important decision you need to make is what level of “active” manuka honey do I need to help me with my skin, or if I am buying raw Manuka honey to eat, what is the minimum rating I should look for.

Simply put…….in the words of the experts, if the Manuka Honey you purchase is below a 10 then it is NOT what is known as an “Active Manuka Honey”. It is still manuka honey and will provide you with benefits but it is not classed as active. It just doesn’t contain the super special healing properties provided by this substance Methylglyoxal.

The levels of Methylglyoxal determine the levels of activity unique to Manuka honey that provide extra healing properties not found in normal in active Manuka Honey. Thats the simple explanation of why you should buy Manuka Honey that as a minimum has the UMF factor 10.

MethylGlyoxal has very powerful germ killing abilities and one of the reasons it is very good for acne. Why it naturally occurs in some but not all Manuka honey at extraordinarily high levels (up to 200 times stronger than all other honeys around the world) is not yet fully understood. More research into the health benefits of Manuka honey is ongoing and hopefully one day we will be able categorize honey into not only UMF factors but associate them with different disease preventatives.

Our Manuka Honey skin care we provide on our website is UMF 15, which means you can guarantee you are getting the very best active manuka honey to help you with your skin.




 What Are the Benefits of Manuka Honey 15+

Manuka Honey is one of the most famous honeys in the world It is a beautiful, delicious tasting dark coloured honey with high antioxidant properties and now well known,remarkable anti bacterial healing powers.

Many people know that honey is good for your health and healing when sick.In fact the word Medicine originates from the word Mead (honey wine) or honey drink. So when you keep Active 15 + or 20 + Manuka Honey in your household, you have something you can quickly use for outstanding treatment when for example, a sore throat occurs.

You don’t need to wait to see a doctor or get a prescription. In fact at the first sign of infection ,you can quickly do something to counter the infection by taking a teaspoon of Active 15+ or 20+ Manuka Honey.

There are varying UMF strengths – UMF 10, UMF 15, UMF 20, UMF 25, and the higher the UMF, the more expensive is the honey. Manuka honey labelled with a registered trademark UMF® by licensed companies are packed into jars with ratings of UMF 10 or more.


In the market, you can now find other established certified measurements and trademarks of this extraordinary antibacterial property with the same medicinal benefits as UMF. They are the NPA Label, Non Peroxide Activity and MGO, the Methylglyoxal rating. A bottle of Manuka with an NPA 15+ is comparable to UMF 15+, NPA 20+ is comparable to UMF 20+, and so on, whereas Manuka MGO 200+ is the equivalent of UMF 10+ and MGO 400+ is the equivalent of UMF 20+.


Peter Molan Answers the Question, “How do buyers identify Active Manuka Honey 15+?”

Professor Peter Molan explains that ‘Active’ originally represented only the Manuka honey with the special antibacterial activity. However, recently people have been labelling all Manuka honey as active, even if it does not contain the special non-peroxide activity. Technically it is not incorrect, but it is can be confusing for consumers.

Some Testimonials of Manuka Honey 15+

“I purchased this honey with the intention of healing my stomach which has been in a shambles for 20 years. I’ve been on every Rx antacid known, the last being Aciphex which is very strong and costs me $167 for 30 pills with insurance. I tried this honey after reading of its capabilities but believing that it was just a high priced scam, but I’m desperate for releif so I spent the $28. 3 days after eating 1 tsp on bread per day my stomach pain was gone. I couldn’t beleive it. I’m still waiting for it to return but it’s been a couple of weeks now and I feel great. In the past I’ve had to give up coffee, beer, spicy food, chocolate, etc. and still had gnawing pain. If you have stomach problems try this. I’m going to tell my Dr. about it.”

“A friend suggested I try manuka honey. My doctor and I began researching the product, and after finding many medical journal articles on the subject, and becoming acquainted with Dr Peter Molan of New Zealand’s Waikato University, the primary researcher into manuka honey’s medicinal uses, we decided to give it a try.

Within weeks the stubborn open areas had closed up and the scar was looking much better. Not only that, but the “pipe veins” which had formed, large varicose veins which protruded and were very fragile, had begun to recede. It was amazing.

I am now using less honey, because of the progression of healing, and though I have a ways to go before I can walk normally again, there is no doubt that the manuka honey has played a large part in my healing.

Please note that this honey is being sold as a dietary supplement and food product, and any medicinal uses should be discussed at length with your doctors.”

I buy on Amazon a lot and for some reason, I kept seeing this honey. I read the reviews and decided to buy some for my sister who has some kind of skin condition on her hand. Her skin was rough, red, scaly, itchy and she has had it for about a year. Sound like ECZEMA???? She has tried prescriptions and over the counter stuff with little success. I bought this and brought it to her and I said “You are going to think I am crazy, but this honey is going to heal your hand.” She told me that within 18 hours, the swelling had gone down significantly. Within 5 days, it was much, much better. And, in about 2 weeks, it was practically healed, except for her skin looking a little different color due to the trauma to it over the year. This stuff is amazing!! She just put honey on it and covered it with a big bandage.

As you can see there are many people benefiting from Manuka Honey and especially Manuka Honey that is 15+ or higher.



What Are the Benefits of Manuka Honey 15+

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