The Manuka Honey Cosmetic Properties that Make it Special


There are now plenty of options when it comes to looking fresh and younger with the multitude of skin care products being paraded all over the internet. But one particular line that is gaining a lot of attention is Manuka Honey Cosmetics. If you are familiar with the Manuka Honey Cosmetic Properties, it will be easier to understand why these products are special. Here’s to give you an idea.

Manuka Honey Cosmetic Properties


The Secret behind Manuka Honey Cosmetic Properties

There are basically four main components on honey that make it effective in treating a multitude of conditions specifically skin problems. These are the high sugar content, the hydrogen peroxide component, the acidic pH quality and the methylglyoxal. These come in greater amounts in Manuka Honey.

Hydrogen Peroxide


This is a component that is found in most types of honey. This is the element that contributes the most on honey’s antibacterial ability. It is what helps eliminate bacteria causing the skin tissue damage. Such is responsible for conditions such as acne. The hydrogen peroxide content aids in preventing further growth and spread of bacteria.


High Sugar Content


This works in the osmosis process. That is when the special properties of honey, its high sugar content specifically, work to draw out infections. In this process, skin impurities are also successfully eliminated.


Acidic pH Content


Along with the hydrogen peroxide component of honey, the acidic pH quality assists in fighting off infections. Such is done by getting into the root of the problem. That is bacteria.


Methylglyoxal Content


This component is present in other types of honey as well but the biggest amount is found in Manuka Honey and this is mainly attributed to the nectar of the Manuka bush where the bees that make the honey feed on. This is stronger than the hydrogen peroxide and is what makes manuka honey products powerful as antibacterial solution.


In order to achieve results, the manuka honey content of a product needs to be at least UMF 10. That contained in Manuka Honey Cosmetics Honey Collection is at UMF 15. In other words, these skin care products are equipped with the right amount to make it work as expected.

The Manuka Honey Cosmetic Properties that Make it Special


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