Manuka Honey Benefits

Living in New Zealand we sometimes take for granted what is actually available in our own country when it comes to natural health products, especially when it relates to Manuka Honey benefits that everyone can enjoy.


Manuka Honey Benefits List

For hundreds of years Maori have used Manuka also known as “Kahikatoa” for medicinal purpose to help fight infections from wounds and also to help skin conditions like Eczema and Chronic sores.

However as with all old style remedies nothing can be proven from these remedies apart from the fact that Maori will swear by it’s effectiveness.

However as we moved into a new age of research, a guy by the name of Peter Molan (Researcher/Bio Chemist) comes along and proceeds to unravel the mystery of Manuka Honey benefits.


How to Choose the Right Manuka Honey

Other researchers had discovered the natural anti bacterial qualities of honey and that in most cases normal honey could also repair skin tissue damage from infections…… what makes Manuka Honey that much better.

Some honey’s have been found to be up to 100 times more potent when it comes to its anti bacterial, anti biotic and anti fungal values.

Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey which is a natural antibiotic and the major antibacterial substance found in Manuka Honey is methylglyoxal (MG).

So the major difference is the high levels of these substances found in Manuka Honey, the high levels are measured by it’s UMF factor. The higher the UMF the more potent the manuka honey benefits healing skin conditions and gastro issues.

You will see Manuka Honey advertised with UMF 5 UMF 10 UMF 15 right up to UMF 20+…….the reality is for you the consumer is to know whether you are buying raw manuka honey or manuka honey skin care, check to see what the UMF factor is.

It needs to be at least a UMF10 to be considered effective enough for you to gain therapeutic benefits from your Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey is now well known for it’s ability to heal wounds and burns. Again it’s natural anti bacterial properties come to the fore, and it’s natural anti biotic substances helps cleanse and keep cuts/wounds/burns sterlised.

With so many new strains of bacteria and super bugs appearing, Manuka Honey and other honey varieties, and products like pollen and propolis may hold the answer to keep us all healthy.

Some Manuka health benefits listed by natural therapists include

  • Helping with internal and external cancers
  • Reducing inflammation within your body (arthritis)
  • Treating people who have different types of diabetes
  • Eye, ear and throat infections
  • Stomach Ulcers

Most important though: you must make your own decisions when taking any natural product in regards to it’s effectiveness to help with your internal health and the health of your skin.

Some interesting facts……..a recent survey found that 58% of customers believed that Manuka Honey was better then most other honey’s BUT 78% didn’t know what UMF meant.

All our skin care products featured on our website have a UMF 15 rating. Which means you can be assured you are getting active manuka honey benefits.


Manuka Honey Benefits


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