Manuka Honey Acne Skin Care

Manuka Honey Acne skin care products have proven exceptionally good mainly because Manuka Honey’s anti bacterial properties. But what is the significance of Manuka honey when it comes to acne?

Manuka Honey Acne Research

Research into manuka honey found anti bacterial substances like hydrogen peroxide were present which help to stop the growth of bacteria.

While most honey varieties will also stop the growth of bacteria, their ability is severely reduced if excess oil or fluid is produced on your face or body. Manuka Honey has the hydrogen peroxide which is NOT affected like ordinary honey varieties.

To take this a step further 2 types of different honey were tested on their ability to help with stomach ulcers caused by Helicobater pylori. At concentrations of 50% using normal honey the bacterial growth activity could not be stopped.  But the Manuka honey completely halted the growth of the bacteria.

I know this maybe a little boring but it may help you to understand a why customers find Manuka Honey acne products very effective for reducing their acne problems.


Manuka Honey Acne Cream 50g


Manuka Honey Acne Active Clear $39.00

Our special Manuka Honey Acne cream has been specifically formulated to help you with  your acne.

Made with 30%  UMF® 15+ Active Manuka Honey and carefully selected natural oils and herbal extracts means you are receiving a proven anti bacterial fighter with herbs and extracts that will help heal your acne.

Due to the ability of manuka honey to penetrate deeply into the epidermis of your skin, the natural antibiotic and antibacterial effects of UMF® Manuka Honey and the special beneficial effects of the selected herbal extracts are maximised to aid the restoration of a clear skin and help reduce scarring.

We suggest you also use our Manuka Honey cleanser and manuka face cream.

(UMF means this is active manuka honey= better quality)

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Active UMF® Manuka Honey, Lanette Wax, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Tocopherol and Sesame Oils, Rose Water, Beeswax, Preservative, Calendula Extract, Manuka Oil and Chamomile Extract.

Our Manuka Honey Acne active cream may also help with acne scars, acne spots.


Manuka Honey Acne treatments can also be helped by eating Manuka Honey as it is a Natural Antibiotic


With more research being done in regards to honey and in particular Manuka Honey from New Zealand it is clear that the bees that produce this marvelous food resource for us should be hugely respected.

Our manuka honey acne skin care cream and cleansers will help you to get rid of acne and reduce the effects of acne scarring.

Here are some reviews we found when looking at other peoples responses to Manuka Honey

5.0 out of 5 stars miracle honey June 20, 2009
By mhill2
This honey was suggested for my young son’s warts. He had eczema as a baby and rapidly spreading warts is a common link to people with eczema. At our last count he had over 25 warts on his two hands. We tried everything to get rid of them from over-the-counter products to several doctor visits to ‘freeze’ the warts. Nothing was successful. Finally a plastic surgeon recommended this honey because of its success in patients with eczema and psoriasis. Within a week of using the honey the warts were visibly much smaller. Now that the honey is gone so are the warts! We are so pleased that our little guy didn’t have to go through any more painful treatments! It is a miracle!

Manuka Honey Acne Skin Care

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