Benefits of Manuka Honey 30+

Manuka honey research in New Zealand and around the world including Australia and Germany has found that manuka honey does have some very special properties which separates it from other honey products from around the world.


What Are the Special Benefits Of Manuka Honey 30+

Manuka Honey 30+ kills bacteria that are resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs. Research has shown manuka honey to be effective in clearing wounds of serious infection. Where drugs and antibiotics have failed manuka honey has helped to provide a very natural and effective solution. Manuka Honey 30+ is the highest antibacterial grade of honey that is on the market.Levels of effectiveness of Manuka honey start at 5 being the lowest and all the way to to 30 being the highest.

Depending on your requirement and purpose for using Manuka honey, most people would benefit from Manuka honey 15+.

By using Manuka Honey 30+ regularly you are truly providing the highest levels of  antioxidant protection and creating a very strong immune system for yourself to fight off any disease or virus that may come your way.


Benefits Of Manuka Honey 30+ – Dr Oz talking about Manuka Honey

Some comments from people who have used Manuka Honey for health


My mom used this Manuka honey (a tablespoon) on what seemed to be an infected lump, which covered a large area. She couldn’t move her arm or lean forward because of the pain. After applying the Manuka honey and a bandage, within half an hour she was Completely Mobile. She was in disbelief because it worked faster than a tylenol. The swelling and redness went away, and she hasn’t had any problems with it since. She didn’t take anything else either.


Manuka honey cured my daughter from REPEATED MRSA infections! The more prescription antibiotics she took the more infections she got and the more severe they got each time! I finally said enough and looked for something God-made! SHE IS CURED from the infections for 3 years now!


Manuka Honey 30+ is the highest Natural Anti Biotic grade of Manuka Honey that is available. That is hospital grade which isn’t required to get effective results with our skin care products.  The level of Manuka Honey in our Skin care products is 15+.



Benefits Of Manuka Honey 30+


Benefits Of Manuka Honey 30+


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