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Our Company Jericho NZ Limited has been selling skin care online for over 10 years.

With over 30 years as a Beauty Therapist Michelle Wetere can help you with any skincare advice you may require.

From Acne skin care problems, to anti aging advice and those that have sensitive skin, what ever skin care advice you may require, I am here to help.

We do have 2 other skin care websites www.jericho-skincare.com and www.fresh-look.co.nz which are both Dead Sea skincare websites.

My basic skin care regime for most people to follow……is real basic.

1. Cleanse everyday and night if required

2. Moisturise

3. Protect

Now there are a range of Manuka Honey Skin care products that will help with each part of your skin care regime……but you want to keep it real simple!!!

Obviously your diet and state of mind can also influence how you look, so keep that in mind as well. Manuka Honey skin care products will help your skin but you need to do your part as well!!!!

If You have any problems or questions about ordering from our website, let me know…….happy to help


Jericho NZ

Helensvale, Queensland


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